About IRN - The Recycling Network

IRN helps organizations of all types and sizes keep resources out of the waste stream.

IRN was established in 1999 by and for recyclers. Our founding members were committed recyclers who recognized that recycling can be difficult, frustrating, and expensive for any organization acting on its own. Recycling begs for a cooperative solution, and that’s what IRN offers.

We’re not a trash hauler. We don’t make money when you throw stuff away. We only make money when you get stuff out of your dumpsters and back into the economy. So we have a very basic mission: To help you get as much stuff out of your waste stream as possible. We also know you won’t hire us if we can’t save you some money compared to tossing stuff or using another recycler. So we have another mission: To make recycling as cost effective as possible.

So what, specifically, do we do?

1. We recycle everything. IRN handles over 75 different commodities - everything from bottles and cans to paper and cardboard to universal wastes (fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries) to computers to surplus office equipment to construction and demolition wastes. We've recycled Astroturf football fields, greenhouses, and parts of a nuclear accelerator. At this point in our history, there's practically nothing we haven't seen. If it's recyclable, we'll find a way to do it.

2. We make recycling simpler by providing a single point of service for everything you need or want to recycle. We track markets and negotiate processing and marketing deals. We identify and qualify vendors. We handle load scheduling and transportation; with IRN’s OneStop program, you can put a half dozen different materials on a single truck . We put all your recycling on a single invoice. And we provide accurate, timely accounting and reporting for every material we handle.

3. We make recycling more cost effective by pooling the collective strength of dozens of organizations. Even large schools, hospitals, and businesses are small accounts in recycling. IRN, in contrast, is a major account. As such we get the best prices and service from haulers, processors, and buyers - benefits that we pass along directly to our clients.

We’re also different because we don’t ask for contracts. You can use IRN for one or two or a dozen different materials, any time you want. If you find a better deal than we offer, we believe that you should be free to take it. That supports your goal of making recycling as cost-effective as you can. And it keeps us on our toes, which is where we should be.

Take a look at our clients. They’re a "Who's Who" in the Northeast - Dana Farber Cancer Institute, New England Baptist Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Harvard, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern, Yale, West Point, General Electric, Stonyfield Farm, Hannaford Brothers, Steelcase. But they’re also 60-bed community hospitals and 500-student prep schools and 15-employee bicycle shops. Our cooperative model is what lets us survive and thrive. By pooling information and market clout on behalf of dozens of organizations, we're able to be more effective, and more cost effective, than individual organizations working on their own. That is Why IRN.

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