Recycling Electronics With IRN: The Best of Security, Environmental Standards, and Price

IRN managed about 1.25 million pounds of computers, monitors, laptops, cell phones, and other electronics in 2010.  That makes us one of the largest handlers of electronics in New England.

IRN clients expect electronics recycled to the highest environmental standards, and that’s what we deliver. We know there are electronics “recyclers” out there who offer incredibly sweet deals. But there’s a simple reality: with electronics, it costs money to recycle them right. The “deals” mean that your used electronics scrap is ultimately going overseas to Third World countries (mostly in Africa and East Asia) or Chinese sweatshops where environmental regulations don’t exist and environmental stewardship has no meaning.

But don’t take our word for it. Here's a small selection of the articles that have come out in the past two or three years documenting the shady promises and shoddy practices in the e-waste recycling industry. Or try Googling images and articles for “e-waste China” or “e-waste Africa”. Take a look; this is not a place you want to find your name or photos of your asset tags.

For the past 12 years IRN has maintained a strict “domestic only” approach to electronics recycling. Every pound of electronics we handle is processed right here in the U.S. – right here in Amesbury, Massachusetts – at a facility we invite you to audit any time you want. IRN’s electronics are recycled to the highest environmental standards, without any export to trenches and dumps in the Third World, and generating local employment and wages.

While there is a cost for this level of service and security, IRN has always been one of the most cost-effective recyclers in New England. As our market presence has grown, we’ve been able to negotiate better and better prices and take advantage of our growing strength in commodity markets. As a result, effective February 1, 2011, we were able to reduce our price for mixed electronics recycling by about $25%. A typical old-style CRT monitor or TV costs $5.00-$6.00 to recycle through IRN; a laptop or flat screen monitors costs about $1.25. We know for a fact that these are the lowest prices for secure, reputable recycling that are offered anywhere in New England.

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