What IRN recycles

One Stop Recycling

IRN’s core mission is to make recycling as easy and cost effective as possible, no matter what you need to recycle, and no matter whether you recycle one or two or two dozen different materials with IRN. OneStop is how we sum that up: One Stop shopping for anything and everything you want to recycle.

Surplus Property

IRN has placed more than 25 million pounds of surplus with U.S. and international charities for reuse in disaster relief and economic development projects. IRN handles all sorts of healthcare, education, and corporate surplus: furniture; file cabinets; classroom desks; laboratory equipment; kitchens; weight rooms; hospital beds; patient room furniture; doctors offices; dormitory beds; cooking and serving utensils. . . . If you can imagine someone using it, we can find it a home.

This is a turnkey service: IRN handles planning, arranges labor, matches and moves your surplus, and provides detailed tracking and reporting, for projects as small as a few desks, as large as an entire hospital wing, office building, or multiple college dormitories.

Construction and Demolition (C&D) Wastes

IRN is the most experienced recycler of C&D reuse and recycling in the U.S. We’ve worked on more than 100 different projects, from small interior renovations to demolition and new construction projects involving hundreds of thousands of square feet. We work with building owners, architects and contractors to recycle more than 20 different materials – from pavement and foundation on up to roofing. We routinely achieve recycling rates over 95 percent (typically achieving three credits in LEED projects), at a cost that is often tens of thousands of dollars less than disposal.

Recycling Supplies and Equipment

IRN can help select and procure the supplies and equipment that are best for any organization, facility, and recycling program. Through our group purchasing program, IRN can provide supplies and equipment at some of the best prices in the country, whether you need a few dozen deskside bins or a compactor with an integrated toter dumper, or anything in between.


Everything else

When you ask, we find a way to recycle it, no matter what it is – that’s our commitment. Since we started IRN in 1999, we’ve recycled close to 100 different materials. We’ve recycled armor from a battleship, dentist chairs, greenhouses, AstroTurf football fields, artillery shell casings, and bathroom stalls. When Boston University was on the verge of trashing their old basketball floor, IRN found a school in Jamaica where the floor has been reinstalled. When Springfield Technical Community College got a bid of $60,000 to dispose of junk stashed in a historic barn, IRN found recycling and re-use options that brought the cost nearly to zero. And when Boston College replaced 400 commodes, IRN found a user to process them into landscaping chips.

If it needs to get out of your waste stream and you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to throwing it away, call. The chances are we already have an outlet. And if we don’t, we love the challenge of finding a market for something new.

Whatever it is, if you need it to go away, let us find it a new home through recycling or reuse, save you some money, and keep it out of the landfill.


Our recycling programs

OneStop for easy recycling of multiple materials

Surplus property

Construction and demolition wastes